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Written by Will Stone
Will Stone
Will Stone

Welcome to the April issue of Gekko’s Monthly Inspirations!

We’re regularly awed by some amazing things that we read about. In this monthly blog we want to share with you some of those inspirations. It may be something tech, it could be something cultural, often it will be something that has made us think or smile. In this blog we look at how the Internet of Things is becoming big business, how people are often the weakest link in security and a breath taking image from Hong Kong.

We hope you enjoy these little nuggets of fun and facts?

Cisco acquires Jasper IoT platform


Businesses which embrace IoT and use it to transform their businesses are using Jasper and similar platforms to deliver full automation and to get closer to their customers. We embrace this at Gekko as we’re seeing our existing customers improve both their networks and services to deliver high quality customer service and businesses. www.jasper.com

Urban Jungle


This Hong-Kong based photographer has used his urban environment and a drone to take some stunning shots of the city – which has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world. Breath taking and stunning – it makes us appreciate our reasonably low-rise Manchester! www.andyyeungphotography.com/UrbanJungle/

Mattel Phishing Scam


Here’s a good example of no matter how secure your technology is, your people may not be.  Mattel – the US toymaker – lost $3m to a simple scam. thenextweb.com/insider/2016/03/29/mattel-nearly-loses-3m-to-a-classic-phishing-scam/

Microsoft HoloLens

While some of us are a little sceptical about when this will become a reality in the work and home environment, Microsoft HoloLens is a reality (they’ve started shipping devices to developers already). This video is exciting though and clearly shows that the future is closer than we think and the power of IoT and technology is going to change our worlds.

And finally….. RIP Ronnie Corbett

A genius of comedy. Here’s one of the best known and funniest sketches:

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little foray into the world outside of Gekko. If there’s anything we can help you with, even just to share a conversation then please drop us a line or fill out the contact form below..

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About Will Stone

Will StoneWill Stone is a brand communications specialist. With a journalism background, including spells as a managing editor for a global trade magazine, he works with entrepreneurial companies looking to share their success stories. Following his graduation in journalism with history, he worked in PR agencies, in-house in the public sector and until recently was Head of Communications for global forestry business UPM. He specialises in brand creation and content marketing.

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