Introducing Tom Stevenson, the Gekko Business Giant.

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Written by Will Stone
Will Stone
Will Stone

Tom recently joined Gekko as a business development manager. This is his first foray into sales after following a more traditional academic route as a classical musician. We caught up with Tom to learn a little more about our musical colleague.

Having decided on a career outside of music, Tom looked for several opportunities, appreciating that he would face a steep learning curve in a new field:

“I have always been a confident individual and eager to solve others’ problems. I started out in a youth programme before I realised money was also a key factor for myself. Sales became my avenue of choice and I was keen to learn about technology. Gekko seemed like the ideal fit for myself.”

He adds: “I love working with new people on a daily basis. I’m also eager to hear their problems so I can figure out the best solution – it’s like sudoku but real life!

You’ve now been with us for several months, what do you think makes Gekko different?

We’re all about understanding a client’s business and its people; we leave all the tech stuff till the end. To quote our tagline, ‘We make complex simple’, but what makes us really different is the people working for us. I think we have a down-to-earth, enjoyable yet hard working environment in the office which is unusual these days – there’s a great rapport amongst the staff.


What’s the best business book you have read?

TA Today: A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis’ by Ian Stewart – It discusses communication styles and how to come about the best communication in the business world.

What do you for fun outside of work?

I’m a competitive athletic guy, so when I’m not helping clients, you’ll find me on a lacrosse pitch or in the gym – Tom stands at well over 6ft 7inches…

List your top 5 pieces of tech kit (or analogue!)

I’m a bit Apple mad so:

  • iPod (the original)
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Macbook
  • The lightbulb (still the same thing as it was when it was created)

Tom will be publishing further great insights both business and technology focused, follow him on Twitter to ensure you see his updates @tstevenson234

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