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Written by Tim Burrill
Tim Burrill
Tim Burrill

LSE Retail is a hugely successful online lighting retailer which in 2015 ranked in the top 50 growing companies based in Greater Manchester (Manchester Evening News, 2015).


Set up approximately six years ago, like many new businesses they saw a gap in the market and wanted to provide a solution. Using the resources they had at hand to start to develop and expand the operation. Their IT infrastructure was built in house on a budget and concentrated on delivering the 24/7 integration to several online sites that was required and for warehousing and distribution. With great success, came the realisation that their IT was at the heart of their operation and any failure in it would result in lost revenue and potential damage to the brand. Their phone system was no longer able to cope with the number of sales calls being received.

It was imperative that they invested in infrastructure capable of delivering a first class service.

LSE chose Gekko to advise and deliver improvement to their infrastructure.


LSE suffered, like any other new business, from growing pains. It was essential to keep any changes simple and to ensure the business operation was not compromised.

Step 1 was to create a simple, effective and reliable server and storage facility to ensure 100% connectivity to the online retail portals.

Step 2 was to replace the phone system with one that would ensure that no calls were lost and customers dealt with quickly.

Step 3 ran in parallel with the move to new, larger office and warehousing premises to accommodate growth. This concentrated on data security and disaster recovery. Gekko created a robust environment that provided fail over for the key infrastructure components, for many possible disruptions to their business. To ensure business continuity, the following solutions were implemented:

  • Twin server rooms in different locations; If one failed the second would ensure operational continuity.
  • Twin leased lines, one fixed line and one microwave. If connectivity was lost due to a damaged underground cable or maintenance work, the microwave facility would not be affected.
  • Data back up on premises and also off line in the Gekko data centre. The local back up provides a quick solution to restore data, the offline storage ensures that in the event of a major disaster the premises, Gekko can create a virtual system so that LSE Retail can continue to trade.

Gekko is proud to support LSE Retail in their business objectives.


Manchester Evening News (2015) Greater Manchester Fastest 50 companies 2015 [online]. Available at http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/business/greater-manchester-fastest-50-companies-8633687 (Accessed 24 August 2015).

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