The Grono Nine-Day Challenge.

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Written by Will Stone
Will Stone
Will Stone

Grono is a rapidly growing company, and one of the leading artificial grass suppliers in the UK supplying to a network of hundreds of stores and direct to customers. They offer a simple high quality alternative to seeded and turfed lawns.

The Story?

Gekko Commercial Manager, Tom Stevenson received a call from Grono just before midday on the 6th October where Grono revealed they were going to be ‘turfed-out’ of their own premises in less than two weeks. They had no way of preventing this and urgently needed a solution for their new premises, fast!

The Challenges

Internet connectivity: As a modern eBusiness, Grono needed to be online to their internet service would mean a significant loss of revenue. There is a difficulty installing business leased lines quickly and often impossible with a two weeks window – most providers insist on a minimum of a three week lead time.

Telephony: We had previously installed a modern cloud-based telephone system, making it easier to transfer calls to colleagues regardless of their location or device. We needed a way to keep this running during the move of their entire network without any downtime.

How did we help?

Most business leased lines need a physical installation of a cable to the exchange. Considering the time-scale we had available, getting a date for a planner and installation of an underground line was not an option. We utilised a 20mb wireless leased line that provides all the benefits of a traditional Ethernet leased line service, minus the hassle.

There was no digging, no planning, no disruption and no waiting. The line also has a guaranteed network availability with 99.95% uptime, essential for an eBusiness like Grono.

To keep their telephony running, our help-desk placed a divert on their current number and ran it through to a Grono team member mobile. With all-waiting calls placed on hold to ensure there were no dropped calls, Grono kept their business running throughout the move of their telecoms.

As a result, we reduced any disruption to the move and eased nerves of moving into new premises. Zero business interruption, zero stress for the Grono team who needed to focus on delivering their core business service and zero impact on the longer-term business environment.

Joe Ashcroft, Operations Manager for Grono added: “Gekko provided us with an excellent service, quickly moving all our IT & Telecoms moving into our new premises. Thanks to Gekko we were able to keep the business running smoothly.”

Read our original case study here. If you’re looking to relocate your office, speak to the Gekko Team. We make the complex simple with our simple office relocation system.

Contact Tom Stevenson for more details by completing the form below.

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